Let’s talk about firsts, pt.1

First kiss, first crush, first relationship. First break-up.

First time you rode a bike, drove a car, started your period.

The first time you got wasted or tripped out of your mind.

First time visiting a new city or a new bar.

First day of school. First day on the job.

First big fight. First attempt at cooking eggs sunny side up.

First beer. First cigarette. First bra.

First time you realized you liked a girl. First time the words “I’m a lesbian” came out of your mouth.

First blog entry.*

FIRSTS ARE SCARY. They’re hard. And at the same time, some of them can be so exciting. So awkward.  So refreshing. So intimidating. So.many.things.

So with that being said, I happily (yet nervously) welcome you to GIRL GET OUT…My first all-lesbian blog for the ladies of Baton Rouge. Girls, it’s time to get out of the closet and out in the scene!

* = you are here.


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