Who wants the POWER?

Word on the streets is that LSU Law School is having a BIG GAY DANCE PARTY this Saturday night at Splash!

I’m not even enrolled in LSU’s Law program but the facebook invite said it’s an open event which means I can go, and I can invite you!

Seems as though this is a party for all law students, not just the homo ones, but aren’t we lucky they picked such a gay venue?! I think that’s really saying a lot about the movement towards professionals being open-minded in this city. Applause is in order for that, as well as for OUTlaw LSUthe campus organization that aims to promote education, awareness, and advocacy of LGBT issues to LSU Law students, faculty, and staff.

Cheers, cheers, cheers.

The deets are in the facebook invite linked above, but in case you’re lazy, the lesbo law kids (as well as the male-gay and hetero ones, but I know you only care about the lezzies) will be rolling into Splash around 11PM this Saturday, April 2. There’s probably lots of potential to meet that power dyke you’ve been searching for, ladies…


Girl, Get Out!


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