This! What is this?!

This conference is happening next Saturday (April 9).  Look at the website, and get excited. Register. See the order of events. Contact the organizers… and other gay things. Literally.

Here’s what I can gather:

It’s an all day conference, followed by a queer prom (!). The conference itself is free but you have to register yourself (there’s a link to do so on the website, though it looks like you can register in person the morning of the conference as well, maybe?).

The prom following the conference is apparently titled “Monster Bash” after none-other than the queer-collector herself, Gaga. No comment. Though the daytime events of the conference are free, the prom is $10 and you have to buy a ticket in advance. Think you can just pay at the door? Well, you’re wrong. But! You can show up at Cajun Cove around 12:30 for the afterparty. Everybody knows the afterparty is the best part of the party. It’s where you get real freak nasty. Don’t let those words stop you from attending the real party too, though. It’ll all be grand, I’m sure.

Back to the conference…there will be a keynote speaker, workshops, and networking opportunities. Respectively – Who?, on what topics?, and with whom? The website sort of goes into detail about it, but let’s just register regardless and figure it out when we get there! Yeah?


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