The Alley Cats: pretty lesbian socialites. the 1960s. What more do you want?


I stumbled upon this movie late one night while browsing the “steamy romance” genre.

I’m a pretty weird judge of films. My favorites are often titled so because of the imagery, scenery, and costumery as opposed to plot and substance. That being said,  I chose to watch this movie based on  these words from the Netflix summary: gorgeous lesbian socialite, swinigin’60s, fab erotic confection.

I wasn’t disappointed. The mod fashion and music, the groovy party scenes, the pretty girls, and that awkward banter that ’60s films are chock-full of kept me well entertained.

Basically, the lead female (Leslie) knows that her fiance is cheating on her and decides two can play that game. She seduces a boy here and a boy there, but all while having the internal struggle of being attracted to a majority of the girls she meets at the soirees she and her friends attend regularly. There’s a scene where she dry-humps her bear skin rug (it isn’t that explicit, but if you’re familiar with tribadism, you know what’s up) and a lot of dancing around her true emotions until she and Irena (whom everyone knows is a big lezzie) spend some QT together:

Irena, the blonde, says something along the lines of “Don’t worry Leslie. Life is better this way.” (this way, aka being a lady licker)

Leslie talks about the feelings she had for her best friend who recently moved away, which actually comes up a lot throughout the movie… no one ever outright says it, but it’s made pretty clear that this best friend moved away because they had more-than-friendly feelings for each other and, well, that just wouldn’t do! Leslie was engaged, and it is the 60s, afterall…

Then Irena says “shut up, you know you want this” (in some sassy 60s slang) and shoves her tongue down Leslie’s throat, oh-so-sexily.

Then it ends in a way that is typical and expected of a 1960s film depicting lesbians, or anything that wasn’t a social norm at that time…but I’ll let you peep that for yourself.

It’s kitschy and quaint and perfect if you’re in the mood for something light and groovy to watch. Aaaannnnddd it’s on Netflix Instant! Check it out.

photo source


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