My Saturday at the Louisiana Academic Queer Conference.

LAQC. Yesterday. Peabody Hall at LSU.

Did I see you there?

Before I get into my re-cap, I should probably inform you that the conference was sponsored by Spectrum, with support from LSU Office of Multicultural Affairs and College of Education: Department of Higher Education Administration. Thanks y’all. We appreciate it.

The conference  started with a nice big Welcome by Kathryn Barry who is the President of Spectrum, and Bruce Parker who is the LGBTQ Project Coordinator in the Office of Multicultural Affairs at LSU.

I don’t remember everything verbatim, but Bruce said something that I really loved. Something along the lines of this:

If we want to see Baton Rouge as a capital of queer culture, we have to be progressive. Baton Rouge should be a city that’s admired by other cities (like New York, Los Angeles, etc) and we (the young queers) are the people who can and will make that happen. The change is coming, and it’s starting today.

It was beautiful and it tugged at my little heart strings, because I whole-heartedly agree. And I want to be an agent in that change, which is partially why I started this website.

Moving on…

There were three 50 minute workshop sessions, each with four or five presentation topics to choose from.  The ones in italics are the ones I attended, and I’ll elaborate on them in a separate post.

Workshop One

  • A-Spot to the G-Spot: Everything You Need to Know About Safer Sex
  • One Struggle, One Fight: Queer Liberation and Working Class Politics
  • LGBTQ Politics
  • LGBTQ Classroom Panels 101
  • Living the College Life

Workshop Two

  • It’s All of Us or None of Us: The Whys and Hows of Being Transgender Inclusive
  • Action from Within: Student Government and You
  • Coming Out Every Day: Caring for Yourself and Mentoring Others
  • Programming 101

Workshop Three

  • “I Didn’t Realize it was Rape”: Perceptions of Sexual Violence in Queer Student Communities
  • Self Advocacy: I’m Starting with the Man/Woman in the Mirror
  • LGBTQ Suicide
  • Making Your Student Organization Matter on Campus

All of this was followed by a resource fair with lots of table displays and information from various organizations in the community. I had previous commitments and missed the next few segments of the conference: a Keynote Panel, dinner with the other participants of the workshop, and the Queer Prom. Maybe I’ll find someone to recap those for you in the near future. I did, however, make it to the afterparty at Cajun Cove and I think it’s safe to say we all danced our asses off.

My overall opinion of the conference is this: double thumbs up, A++, thankgoodnessbatonrougehadsomethingthiscoolandthisgay.

Hopefully it’ll be around again next year! And, stay posted for my notes from the three workshop session I attended.


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