Basketball Jones.

I’m just starting to get into basketball (Go Hornets!), and seeing this was a little disheartening:

So Kobe called the ref who issued him a technical foul a fucking faggot.

He’s been fined $100,ooo for dropping that slur, and although rumor has it he’s appealing the fine, he’s apparently sorry for what he said:

What I said last night should not be taken literally. My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period. The words expressed do NOT reflect my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to offend anyone.

So many thoughts, y’all, so many thoughts.

Kobe could have used any slur to “express his frustration”, why was faggot his first choice? Is Bennie Adamas (the ref) really gay? And if the answer is yes, then the end of Kobe’s apology/statement is utter bullshit, because when you aim the word “faggot” with fire behind it towards someone gay, it is offensive…whether you’re trying to offend or not. Duh Kobe. It is the equivalent of an upset racist calling someone black…you know whatNot cool.

I don’t think Kobe would have apologized for his statement had the cameras not caught him. In which case we wouldn’t have even known anything was said. But would he have given his words a second thought had they not been televised? I think his apology is actually really insincere and again, bullshit, and probably only given to get himself a tiny bit out of the trouble he’s gotten  into over the years.

Is the word “faggot” ever going to stop being derogatory? It’s sort of hard to imagine, because it already has so much baggage. I mean, it’s one of those words that’s used freely within the community of people which it’s intended to offend… and if you are one, and you use the word, it’s okay. Personal experience y’all, my friends and I call each other fag all the time, but it never hurts our feelings because it’s from one faggot to another. If someone heterosexual said it to one of us, “jokingly” or not, there would be some wounds.
I think any word can become offensive if you put enough emotion or fire behind it. Years ago, some girl I didn’t know got really mad at me and called me a cuntface (ok maybe this is a bad example because I thought it was hilarious, and turns out I do like cunt. So it’s sort of a compliment?). She totally meant for it to come off in an offensive manner, though. And if she wasn’t so drunk and stupid-looking, and if I would have been out of the closet at that point in my life, I probably would have gotten mad. Bad example. Bad. But, do you get the point?


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