On the Grind.

You wanna know what my latest obsession is?


Sure, I’m a girl, and girls aren’t allowed there. So maybe I posed as a boy and made a fake profile and gave myself an alias and a fake profile picture…I just wanted in on the fun, ok?!

My gay (boy) bffs are always signed on to Grindr and I get jealous! I wanted to know what I was missing out on! Ladies, it’s been really funny witnessing how quickly gay boys will approach the new kid in town. I mean, my profile info is nearly empty and my picture isn’t even of a face, but these men are interested in getting to know me.

Why isn’t there something like Grindr for gay girls? Or is there, and I’m just out of the loop? Would we even appreciate it if we had it? Gay girls aren’t necessarily as welcoming as gay boys, have you noticed?  Now that I think about it, I can barely name 5 lesbians who would log onto an application and flirt mercilessly with someone they don’t already know, but find attractive. That’s just not the way we roll. When faced with other gay girls we don’t know, we’re more reserved, and pretty unapproachable. Call it shy. Call it awkward. Call it clique-y. Call it cold…we do not express emotion at first glance.

Does it have to do with the fact that girls, whether they’re gay or straight, always feel threatened or intimidated by other girls? Is it that we’re trying so hard to stay cool, to not look desperate, that we come off as frigid and standoffish? I know, I’m generalizing. But with my experiences here, and even in other, bigger, gay-friendlier cities I’ve lived in/visited, most lesbians  fit this mold. Is this a collective, conscious effort we’re putting forth? Help me figure it out.

And tell me the girl alternative to Grindr! Or if you’re like super tech savvy, create it and get back to me. K thx bye.


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