Playing Bi Games.

You guys read Autostraddle?

It’s my fave.Today, they posted an article about Evan Rachel Wood being bisexual.


I’m going to semi rip-off Autostraddle’s article, but throw in my own opinion towards the end. I’m lazy. Stay with me.

Apparently ERW came out to Esquire magazine, saying she’s always been attracted to androgyny in both men and women (hence her relationship with Marilyn Manson). She mentioned being in love with David Bowie growing up, and that tattoo on her left thigh pays homage to Aladdin Sane.

She said some other things about dating women, like how she’s “the guy” when she’s with girls: buying dinner, opening doors, etc.

So then, Autostraddle dug up an interview Evan did with YRB magazine in 2007 when she was 20 and  she says:

I’m not a lesbian…I don’t sleep with women but I appreciate women and there have been times where I’ve been attracted to them.

I don’t know about you, but this is  insanely, eerily similar to my coming out story.

First of all, David Bowie was totes my first love. Labyrinth was one of the first movies I remember loving as a youth.


I was enamored. Is this a common trend, for gay girls to have David Bowie (or other androgynous) obsessions at a young age? With the makeup, the long hair, the ruffled clothing and the femininity almost outweighing the masculinity…is it our psyches trying to tell us early on that we’ll be clam-diggers some day?

Secondly, when I was 20, my thoughts on women were definitely in line with Evan’s.  “I’m attracted to girls but I don’t think I could ever sleep with one” was my line for the longest time…until, of course, I did sleep with one….and loved it. 



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