Why GGO?

This blog’s been up and running for about a month now. It’s a work in progress, and will forever be morphing to fit the needs of the community. More specifically, the lesbian community. Even more specifically, the Baton Rouge lesbian community.

I started all of this  out of selfish reasons honestly. Before moving to Baton Rouge a few months ago, I lived in a city astir with so much gay vivacity that every night I went out felt like a PRIDE celebration. There were different girl parties for every night of the week. There were local lesbian blogs aplenty, all addressing our various needs, broaching every topic that came with living the lifestyle. I knew it would be different here…slower, quieter (this ain’t my first rodeo in Baton Rouge). But OMG I didn’t realize how much of a spoiled lezzer I’d become! I had to dig deep for info on the gay girl scene here.

So, back to the question of why Girl Get Out exists…

Have you guys checked out Effing Dykes? It’s a lesbian blog that I’m in love with. The author, Krista,  recently posted an entry about a co-worker of hers who is also lesbian who admitted to never having another lesbian friend until the two met each other. Krista said so many things in this post that I want to highlight:

  • Tried to picture my life without having spent the last eight years so fully ensconced in queer culture that at one point, I realized I knew exactly four straight girls, and three of them had definitely “dallied”. I couldn’t even imagine life without homos.
As a lesbian fag-hag, those are my sentiments exactly. She continues…
  • Just as Mormons go to BYU to be surrounded at college with other Mormons, and classic car people get together so they can talk about ’67 Mustang engines ad nauseum without fear of boring anyone, I need to be around lesbians so we can talk about dykey stuff and understand one another instantly.
  • There are so many dykes who think they’re the only lesbian at their school.  The only lezzer at work.  The only lesbian with kids, the only dyke over 40, the only mo in the whole damn town. The only lesbian in the world. But it’s not true!  It’s just fucking not.  You can find a community of your own.  You will find your family. Even if all you’ve got is the internet right now. 
 “Even if all you’ve got is the internet right now.” That’s why I’m here. That’s why Girl Get Out was created…to help navigate you (and me) through the Baton Rouge lesbian scene.

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