So Real.

Sometimes I think that I’m over this blog;  it’s just a waste of time that I could be spending out in the real world; no one’s going to care about it as much as I do…

But then! Then things like this happen, and I’m bursting at the seams to talk to as many lezzers as I can…

The Real L Word is returning June 5th!

So the only full-time character that’s returning from the first season is Whitney (Man oh man am I gonna miss Mikey…maybe she’ll make a guest appearance?).  And Romi, who was in and out last season, has become full-time, and she’s got this crazy-looking blonde rat tail thing going on…Talk about an alternative lifestyle haircut! There’s another couple, but hopefully they’ll be a little more dynamic than Niki and Jill because, I mean, they were just a snore. There’s a black chick and an Asian…because we all complained that there wasn’t enough ethnic diversity (yeah, sure, Rose was Hispanic, and apparently so was Natalie, but who could tell?!) and two of the new characters identify as Butch because we complained that the cast of season one was too femme-y. Thanks for listening Ilene!

Despite all the negative criticism the show received (not enough character development, too much stupid bullshit drama that was irrelevent to storylines, etc.) I’m sure we’re all super pumped for season two to get here, right?

I have some pretty contradictory opinions about season one, myself.  You better believe I was scrambling every Sunday to find a TV that had Showtime, but I thought it was rather boring and the only thing that drew me in was the fact that all the girls were gay. And maybe that’s what they’re trying to show? That lesbians are “normal” people, just like heterosexual girls, which means that sometimes they’re boring? Not sure. But again, I like being represented in the media. And if there are gay girls on TV, in magazines, in movies, anywhere…I’m going to watch them.

So what are we gonna do with ourselves until June 5? You can re-cap all of The Real L Word season 1 because it’s available for download on iTunes now.

Also, youtube is a gay girls bff sometimes, and they’ve got plenty of clips on gayness in general, but more specific to this post, lots of videos by this Chick Natalie (not Rose’s girlfriend) who you may remember from the  cast interviews after every episode of TRLW season 1,  who also hosted “More to L with Natalie”, and then she just became this lesbian sensation because she’s cute and young and she’s a gold star.

Aaaannnd the countdown begins.


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