Freakin Weekend.

Quite a few opportunities for you to get your gay on in B.R. this weekend, ladies.

Numero uno: Capital City Alliance (the same organization putting on our PRIDE fest) is throwing a graduation party for…people who are graduating (and their friends, and you)…at George’s Place Friday night. 8:30 PM-2 AM. Karaoke. Dancing. Drinking. Those queers who’ve locked themselves up in libraries and coffee shops for the past 4 (maybe more?) years are finally free to party with you!!

Numero dos: Spectrum is hosting a car wash on Saturday in the 13th Gate parking lot from 11 AM-2 PM. $7 per car. Please go support them. They’re doing amazing things for you young Baton Rouge queers.

I won’t be around Baton Rouge this weekend, so it’s up to you to attend these events, and maybe report back to me, yeah?

Go Go GO!


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