Fight for your right to be Gay (and safe) !

Hey lady-lovers. It’s time to put your activist panties on and help out fellow queers in the community/world. Things we need to do this week:

1. Make sure Louisiana House Bill 112: The Safe Schools Bill gets passed. It will protect students from being bullied based on race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, physical characteristics, political persuasions, mental disability, physical disability, as well as attire or association with others identified by such categories by prohibiting harassment, intimidation, and bullying (read the bill in its entirety here). It’s such a no-brainer that something like this should exist, yet somehow there are still people (ahem, Louisiana Family Forum, ahem) who are trying to make sure it doesn’t pass. There’s a plethora of ways you can help out here:

  • Call and email the members of the House Education Committee (their contact info can be found here) and let them know how important it is that kids are able to feel safe and comfortable to be themselves at school, especially since they’re required to be there nearly everyday of their young, little lives. I advise you to be sincere and heartfelt as opposed to hateful. And remember,  Austin Badon (who is the House representative of New Orleans) is the author of the bill, so maybe you should actually Thank him!
  • Attend the House Education Committee meeting on Thursday May 12 at 11am in Committee Room 1 of the Louisiana State Capitol. Members of Spectrum, CCA, and others who support LGBTQ rights will be there, wearing BLACK in solidarity for those that have been mercilessly targeted by in-school bullies, and you should too.
  • If you have any personal stories of in-school bullying that could serve as evidence that this bill needs to pass, the meeting is your time to share.
  • We queers are always looking for a reason to party. So, head on over to Cajun Cove Thursday night around 10pm to celebrate our (hopeful) victory in passing HB112. Everyone else who’s worked their asses off to make sure this bill gets recognized and passed will be there, so let’s all toast each other for our efforts. Yeah!

Ok. Get Started!


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