More info on Louisiana House Bill 112.

Hey y’all. Hope you’re prepping your blacks to wear to the House of Education Committee meeting concerning Louisiana House Bill 112 tomorrow morning.

I already briefed you on this matter here but one major detail has been changed: The start time of the meeting on Thursday May 12, 2011 is now 11am.

I also had a few questions about how this meeting was going to run and what to expect. Luckily, I caught up with someone who has played an integral role in making sure this bill gets the attention it deserves. Questions and answers:

Is the committee expecting us to show up, or will we be taking them by surprise?
The committee does not know we are coming, but they probably expect many groups to show up. Public comment at the hearing is open and welcome. In fact, showing up at the hearing is the biggest way to get it out of committee.

Were we guaranteed time to voice our opinions and share our stories?
We are guaranteed time to speak and share stories. This is what moves a bill through committee. Each person only needs to talk for about five mins or less. The other important thing when you go, is to fill out a GREEN card. That is how your attendance is counted as present and for the bill’s passage.

If people are interested in sharing their stories, is there someone they should contact directly beforehand?
You do not need to contact anyone directly to share your stories.

The bill protects from bullying of all sorts, not just homosexual related attacks, so if someone wants to speak about being harassed for race, religious beliefs, etc will they be allowed to do so as well?
A good story is one that will have a mix of either general bullying, bullying and lgbtq specific bullying, or one that also includes the bullying of disabled children as well…The general message we are going with is “kids are taking their own lives because of the persistent humiliation they experience at school due to the fact that adults are not/can not stepping in because of inadequate current law.” Any speech about bullying for any reason helps the bill!

Ok ladies, I hope this clarified things a bit for you…and I’ll see you at the meeting at the Capitol tomorrow morning, yeah?


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