Gross? Not really.

Friday night I was the gracious recipient of a handfull of ridiculous, oversized, stick-on mustaches.  At a bar downtown that just so happened to be one of the stops in a pub crawl (gag), a few of my (lady) friends and I devotedly donned our handlebar and fu manchu mustaches through beer after beer, laugh after laugh, picture after picture.

Things were going as normal as could be expected when you’re wearing costumery out in public, until this douchey dude approached us and grilled us to no end. Our convo went something like this:
Dude: Why are y’all wearing those mustaches?
Us: Because…why not?
(ok that part seriously went on, over and over, for like 5 mins. Then:)
Dude: You’re really pretty girls. You could easily get guys if you took your ‘staches off.
Us: ummm. Dude, the last thing we’re trying to do is “get guys”.
(see what I mean? I am, like, invisible as a gay. Why wasn’t I wearing my Rainbow Delegation bracelet?!)
Dude: But, y’all would be really cute if you took them off.
Us: We’re not cute with them on?
Us: SO ?!
Dude: Why do you want to look like trannies? They’re gross.

We then proceeded to pour our beers on him, kick him in the balls, and then storm out of the establishment.

Ok not really, although looking back on it, I wish we would have.

Our response was something along the lines of “No, they’re not.” And then he said “Yeah, you’re right, they’re not. They can do whatever they wanna do. But y’all should seriously take your mustaches off”.

So here’s what I want to talk about…this dude’s first reaction to trannies was “Gross” which later changed to “Whatever”. Like, he felt that he was supposed to think trannies are gross, so he said that. But then he realized that we were down with trannies, and he changed his tune.

I think I wrote about this in another post, but I want to bring it back around. When is anything gay-related going to stop being taboo or weird or gross or abnormal and just BE something that exists without a negative (or positive) connotation?

Like also, recently, I was eating dinner with a group of (hetero) guy friends and one of them was  going on and on about this musician that he doesn’t like, how ridiculous he thinks this musician  is, and he finished his rant with “the guy just looks really fucking gay”…  As if gay is a way that people should never want to look. And my friend who said this is not homophobic in the least. Yet, he used the word gay to describe someone in a negative light.

Do you have opinions on this? It’s probably something we should work towards changing, right? Or am I being overly sensitive?


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