I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the girl you’re taking home.

I’m totally relating to Robyn right now, and it’s not because we have the same hair color. Have you heard “Dancing On My Own” ? It’s such a lesbian anthem. Am I right or am I right?

I was never really a Robyn fan (outside of that one song, With Every Heartbeat) but one day out of nowhere, this song reached out to me. I especially like the fact that if you didn’t know Robyn is hetero, you could assume it was written from a gay girl’s perspective because there is not a single masculine pronoun in the lyrics.

Ladies, how many times have you been in the corner (of, hmm let’s say, George’s? L Bar? Cajun Cove?) watching a girl you want bad  kiss another girl, and then thought “I’ll just keep dancing over here, on my own, so I don’t look as pathetic as I feel” ?!

This may very well end up being the story of my life, after all is said and done.

But srsly, do you guys find it realllly hard to mingle with other gay women that you don’t already know? They’re always in little groups, talking to each other, not paying attention to what’s going on outside their circle. They have their pre-conceived opinions on you before you even walk up. And if you do approach them, when you leave, God only know what they’ll say about you….OR SO I’VE ALWAYS THOUGHT. But here’s what I’m starting to realize… for the most part, that’s wrong.

Talking to someone you’re attracted to is hard (whether you’re gay, straight, boy, girl),  and being nervous to do so is inevitable. But I don’t think there’s a single lady out there who doesn’t like to know that someone thinks she’s cute, or funny, or interesting. Also, girls are secretly dying on the inside for acceptance from everyone around them.

There’s a post on Effing Dykes that breaches the subjects of  “how do you act when you like somebody?” and “how can you tell if another woman likes you?”. If you need further incentive to check it out, just know that one of the comments on the post was: “Augh I need this. Every lesbian I know needs this. We are an awkward people.”   Hahaha.

Furthermore, Effing Dykes says: “If every lesbian hides behind being “kind of a chicken”, then no lesbian gets laid.  Take an awkward stand.”

And I full heartedly agree. So today, I’m encouraging you to approach your crush next time you see her. I promise I’ll do the same. And maybe we can all talk about it later, yeah?


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