This weekend’s over…On to the next one!

So did everyone have a good Memorial Day weekend?

I think CCA’s picnic on Sunday was a success, considering nearly everyone in attendance had at least 5 new facebook friends by Sunday night/Monday morning…at least that’s what my News Feed told me.

There was a little bit of this: 


Some of these:

Lots of things like this:

Oh! And someone even took a group photo and we had to cram onto some bleachers and hold a big CCA banner, very reminiscent of this: if anyone knows where I can get a copy of that photo, you should tell me!


So what’s on the calendar for this weekend? I know about one thing so far…

June’s First Friday hosted by SPECTRUM!

Obvs, it’s this Friday, June 3rd. Reginelli’s on Chimes St. 530pm-830pm.

Someone shared a link to coupons on the facebook event page, just in case you’re broke like me.

I’ve never been to a Spectrum First Friday, so I’m excited to see what it’s like.

Hope I see you there…



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