…And the PRIDE party keeps on rolling.

Niiiiice turn out at the Baton Rouge Pride Fest, ladies. I mean, really, there were so many of you there that I never see out at the  bars or other LGBTQ meetings/events or anywhere! Where have y’all been? You know, I actually overheard someone introduce her friend to a group of people saying “This is xxxxx, she’s becoming one of those recluse-lesbians…” Like, that’s a thing?! Don’t let that be a thing! Don’t be recluse-lesbians! If you hide, how can this city continue to diversify itself? How can it cater to you if you don’t let it? If you hide, how will you (and okay, I’ll be selfish and add we, the people who do go out and see the same faces over and over….not that those faces aren’t lovely, but ponds could always use more fish!) make new friends? New girlfriends? Future business partners? Future roommates? Get out of the closet, get out in the scene. Do you get it? Girl Get Out.

Okay, also, there were like a gajillion booths with things that are beneficial to you…the GLMA table had info like “Top 10 Things Lesbians Should Discuss with their Healthcare Provider” and “What to Tell Your Healthcare Provider if You’re Transitioning”. The Southeastern Nursing School table taught me that the lesbian community has a higher prevalence of overweight and obese women than the heterosexual community, that Baton Rouge is 2nd in the nation in AIDS cases, that most suicide attempts in the LGBTQ community are linked to relationship breakups, and other statistics that the gay-fearing world will try to use against us. Planned Parenthood had  a bowl of starbursts and a very nice pamphlet titled “Human Sexuality: What Children Need to Know and When They Need to Know It” that will be excellent literature to have on board when you talk to you local legislative representatives about passing House Bill 112 next year. Salon Atria was there, weaving multi-colored feathers in girls’ hair. Cupcakes! Cups! Stickers! Pins! Pens! Tshirts! Magazines! I love swag.

A million and one good things happened at Baton Rouge Pride fest but I need to talk about other stuff so moving on…

If you’re not one of the afore-mentioned recluse-lesbians, maybe you’ve seen the 2011 PRIDE GUIDE around town lately? It’s this little magazine put out by PRIDE 1 that informs you of all the PRIDE events happening this week, June 27-July 3 2011. I’m basically about to copy it word for word, just in case you don’t have your own copy.

 I know, today is June 28. I’m a day late. Sorry if you missed GAGA for PRIDE at George’s Place last night because of me.

TUESDAY JUNE 28 CCA is hosting Kings, Queens, & Everything In Between: A charity Pride Show. I already wrote about this last week so check out my older posts or click here for more info.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 29 Sin Pride Night at Splash. No Cover. Really cheap drinks ($1 draft! $2 wells and shots!) Looks like this is gonna be a dance party. I’m pretty sure this happens every Wednesday at Splash, but we’re advertising it as a PRIDE event for this week. Clever.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 29 is also Woof Pack Pride with Chad at George’s Place. 3-9PM? That’s early! I don’t know anything about Woof Pack. I think it’s for the boys. But I might be wrong.

THURSDAY JUNE 30 The Official Pride Dinner at Opie’s Cajun Cafe. 5162 Government St. Starting at 7PM.

THURSDAY JUNE 30 ROUGE at Splash. “Pride from the Girls of Le Femme Rouge”. This is a drag show, I think? 9PM-2AM.

FRIDAY JULY 1 ICONS Pride Party at Splash with performers posing as Madonna, Cher, Tina Turner, and Cindy Lauper. 9PM-2AM.

SATURDAY JULY 2 PRIDE 1 Awards. Take a look at the nominees: 

Voting lasted for one week, during the 2nd week of June. Too bad no one knew any of this was going on until this weekend. Regardless, the awards ceremony is at Splash at 8PM. If you go, stay for the BLUE PARTY happening afterwards.

This PRIDE GUIDE also says that SATURDAY JULY 2 is The White Linen Party at L Bar. But facebook said the White Linen Party at L bar was last Saturday, and apparently the masses thought so as well because L BAR was glowing with white tank tops and white denim after the BR Pride Fest. So maybe we’ll have a repeat celebration?

Finish the week off with a PRIDE TEA at Opie’s Cajun Cafe at 5PM on SUNDAY JULY 3. Then head over to Xtremes (1462 Airline Hwy Gonzales) for the Rainbow Brick Road PRIDE party starting at 10PM.

Whoa. I’m overwhelmed with PRIDE. I mean, I’m just worn out from typing about it all…I can’t imagine how I’ll feel the morning after all these parties!


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