Come Out, Come Out, wherever you are…

Today = October 11 = National Coming Out Day!

picture credit.

Even though most of us have told our coming out stories a countless amount of times, analyzing and perfecting every memory and detail of it all, let’s remember that it’s still a work in progress, and always will be. One of my favorite memories from the Louisiana Academic Queer Conference last year was in the Coming Out Every Day: Caring for Yourself and Mentoring Others  workshop when the the Vice Prez of SPECTRUM  reminded us that coming out happens every day. Every time you meet someone new. Every time you wear your legalize gay tee shirt or Rainbow Delegation bracelet. Every time you walk around in public holding your partner’s hand.

What are you doing to celebrate? Writing a poem? Singing a song? Celebrating with Spectrum in Free Speech Alley?  I’m wearing my favorite gay pride accessory, isn’t it beautiful?

Whatever you’re doing, I hope that today you’re filled with pride about who you are and the choices you make. 


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