Let them eat cake, dammit!

Okay, before I even get to the point of this story, I just want to point out that this wedding cake (which I found here after google searching “lesbian wedding cakes”) has a lesbian couple AND THEIR CAT on top of it. THEIR CAT. I’m sorry, I will never cease to find lesbians’ obsession with cats amusing.

So I watched the news for the first time in…forever…today. And guess what? The first story that I saw was about a lesbian couple! How appropriate!

These gay chicks in Iowa were denied a wedding cake by this woman who runs a bakery out of her house because homosexuality is against her religious beliefs.


I’m sure you can imagine the arguments being thrown around: The baker says “I can refuse to make their cake because it’s my right as a business owner to deny service…blah, blah blah.” Everyone else who has a heart says “It’s not a gay or straight issue, it’s a people issue.”

You can read more details about these shenanigans here and here  BUT WHAT YOU SHOULD REALLY DO IS READ THE ARTICLE ON WAFB.COM (yes Baton Rouge, our local news channel) and answer the poll which asks: DO YOU THINK A BAKER WAS WRONG FOR REFUSING TO MAKE A SAME-SEX COUPLE’S WEDDING CAKE? 



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