A Courteous Girl?

Y’all, I’m really lucky. My girlfriend does these really courteous things for me all the time, like:

  • opens her car door for me
  • opens the doors of buildings we’re entering for me
  • walks on the outside lane/closest side to traffic when we take walks
  • brings me flowers when we go on dates

And I’m always like “thanks babe, you’re such a …”

And then I pause, because I want to finish that statement with “gentleman” but she’s no man! And gentlewoman just doesn’t have the same effect.

So I say something along the lines of “… nice girlfriend” but  I’m left wishing I could express so much more, and wondering why there isn’t a feminine version of the word gentleman?

Or maybe there is, and I’m just dumb? You guys should let me know.

(And for the record, I do gentleman-like things for her too…like this one time we went out to eat and I ordered her dinner for her. She seemed to really like that.)



2 thoughts on “A Courteous Girl?

  1. I like gentleman – even though I am no man. I think it has the right connotations. The other thing that I say, or like my girl to say, is gallant. You are so gallant, honey.

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