W T F(riday)

A few Fridays ago, one of my dearest lesbi friends who I hadn’t seen in months asked me to join her and a couple of other friends for drinks at L Bar. I said yes, thinking it would be low key. Quiet. Calm. Or at least, not a huge lesbian blow out because L Bar only completely caters to lesbians on Saturdays (their myspace explains why).

I get there and the parking lot is so full, but I thought surely, if it were a girl party, my friend would have warned me. It’s probably Dirty Disco or some other event geared towards the general non-homo  public.


Michigan freaking Avenue was playing so, like, every dyke and their BFF was there. I wanted to kick my friend’s ass.

Let me clarify, I have no problems with Michigan Avenue. I like them a lot actually. Remember when I wrote about them?

I do, however, usually have a problem being surrounded by other lesbians. (I know, it’s weird…how can you be  afraid of what you are?) It’s intimidating. There’s so much pressure. I get very anxious.  I wasn’t prepared to be in a crowded room with other women who like women, wanting to have conversation but not knowing if it will be construed as flirting; being around cliques of girls who have drama with other cliques of girls;  not really being in any of said cliques because all my friends are gay boys, so feeling even more awkward and left out.  Thankfully, my girlfriend was with me. Otherwise, I might not have made it through the night.

Do you guys feel this way when you go out? I’m not even a shy person (and I’m not even trying to holla at anyone!), but get me around more than 10 lesbians at once and I am a sweaty, nervous, cowering little girl. ugh.

Anyway, Michigan Avenue is playing again this Friday at George’s…

Are you going? Can we become friends before then so I’ll have someone to talk to instead of standing in the corner, nervously downing bottles of Budweiser by myself? Thanks. See you soon.


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