Well hi.

I went back to school y’all! Hence, the lack of blogging (increase in studying).

So far, so great. One minor observation: Apparently LSU students have never seen a cute-ish lesbian couple holding hands on campus.

I was gonna brush it off, pretend like I never noticed, not say anything. But then my favorite little lady just had to be like “Have you noticed how people look at us when we walk together?” And I was like “Not really…DAMMIT!  Ok, yes I have.”

It’s not your typical double-take, eyes wide, mouth open sort of thing. It’s subtle yet extremely obvious all at the same time. First, there’s eye contact from afar. Then, the realization that we’re walking a little closer to each other than your average pair of BFFs. Then their eyes fall to our hands intertwined, fingers locked, and it clicks: lesbians.

It doesn’t stop there, friends. Their eyes usually stay locked on our hands until it becomes too awkward to continue twisting their necks around. Sometimes eyebrows raise. Sometimes they immediately look at our shoes for further confirmation of gayness (and someone is usually wearing  Chaco’s or Teva’s or whatever those damn earth shoes she loves are called, which does it). 

No rude comments yet, though! I think I’m thankful for that.

So after I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t notice it anymore, I really embraced it. Made equally-awkward eye contact. Smiled a lot. I might have winked at someone.

And then I wondered why I hadn’t seen any other gays holding hands on campus yet? Surely you college-aged homos have coordinated your schedules with your GFs/BFs and you walk around together during your breaks, right? RIGHT? WHERE ARE YOU?!


Well hi.I went …

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