Y’all… my girlfriend, sweet sweet little thing that she is, has been through homo-hell over the past few days.
On Friday she was singled out and harassed for being a lesbian by one of those zealous religious bastards that talk a lot of bullshit around campus.
Today, a vicious argument over gender stereotyping with some douchebag dude in her women & gender studies class.

Bay! You are all of these things! Don’t let them bring you down 🙂

 photo source

Ugh. My little heart hurts when she tells me about these encounters, especially because I’m never around to stand up for her (not that she needs me to do that…she holds her own. But you know, support is always nice.). I really just want to bust some balls, you know? Or do anything to make her feel better.

Well! Guess what cheered her up tonight?

Her cute little cupcake face is on Effing Dykes!

Yep. A while back, she submitted a couple of photos for Krista (the blog’s author) to use in her posts, and the magic has finally happened. I won’t tell you which one she is, but you should still  LOOKY LOOKY. 


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