The other day, one of my female co-workers was telling us stories about her business fraternity.
“blah blah blah blah”
“You’re a girl. Why are you in a fraternity?”
She explained that it started as a male-only fraternity and when it started admitting females, the name just stayed the same.

Why isn’t there a new name, a separate term that’s used, for when this merging of the sexes comes about?

I thought this out loud, and she replied:

“It’s a tradition thing, I guess. I don’t know, and I’m not offended because I’m not a feminist”.

I was sort of offended by her not being offended.

I’m all about different strokes for different folks, but I just get really confused when women don’t support this fight that is “for women, by women”.

And the way she said it, like, she  scoffed at the idea of being feminist. Like, she would be happy to replace this chick’s face with her own:

Okay, maybe we get a bad wrap sometimes:

But a feminist is simply someone who believes that women should have equal rights to men. What kind of rights? Political, legal, economic, and social.

So aren’t all women who have jobs, pay their own bills, and who receive a higher education (a la, this co-worker) intrinsically feminists? 

Maybe I would have been less offended if she’d said “I’m not a feminist-activist”. In my opinion, the fact that she takes part in this fraternity kind of makes her a feminist…because she’s participating in a previously all-male organization that made the decision to acknowledge women’s equality by inviting them to join (though changing the name is still a relevant thought, I think).

Am I making sense?


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  1. There’s a definite fear people have of admitting they’re a feminist, but there’s also an ignorance to the fact that feminism isn’t exclusive to females! I think it boils down to peoples’ fear of belonging to any “category” incase their opinions and ideals will be forever routed in one single definition, and if they don’t match that definition, they’ll then be called a hypocrite.

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