Today is a special day, in an already special month…

Is it a coincidence that for one of my history classes today(which is International Women’s Day btw) I’m supposed to be prepared to discuss Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman,the first book we’ve read all semester that was written by  a woman? I’ll have to ask my professor if she did this on purpose…it’s just too appropriate.

Here’s a fun lit-fact: Did y’all know that Mary Wollstonecraft is Mary Shelley’s (author of Frankenstein) mom?! Nerd out.

MaryW was a pretty radical chick…she was one of the first non-sponsored writers (not just female, but in general), which means she didn’t have a financial backer to support her while she was working, she made her own damn money. And…scandalous…this dude she dated/fell in love with ended up marrying another woman, and instead of being heartbroken and giving up, Mary asked if she could live with them and be his “intellectual  companion”. HAHAHA.  The new wife didn’t go for it, but M Dubb should get kudos for trying, right?

Vindication is sort of hard to get through (those damn 18th century writers…so verbose. so many run-on sentences) but it’s “the first great manifesto of women’s rights”. And she touches on a lot of points that are still applicable  today. My favorite being that, in expressing her ideas on women and education, she brings up a lot of  smart arguments on gender-stereotyping and gender-identification, which is ever so prevalent in the LGBTQ community today. Maybe we should all brush up on Wollstencraft before we head out to our next protest, senate/house meeting, activity-in-which-we-will-have-to-intelligently-fight-for-our-rights.

I won’t tell you anymore,I need to save my energy and arguments for class. But! It is Women’s History Month, you know. Maybe this book could be something you check out, in honor of that.


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