Oh Boy.

Hey — girls who like girls,

Do you ever see a boy and think “Yummm. If I were straight, I’d hit that?” Sure you do, because you can appreciate beauty, regardless of gender, I’m sure of it.

WELL! There is this boy! And I think he is so beautiful! He’s actually a French actor, and he’s in this movie Les Choristes that I’ve had to watch in every single one of my French classes. And every semester I’m like “Whoa. That boy is prettyyyyy…”

Then today, my French prof. played a youtube video of him all grown up and singing and I just about died because I realized that the reason I think he’s so good-lookin’ is because he looks like a dyke.

Not kidding. Check this shit out:

 His name is Jean-Baptiste Maunier and, well, isn’t he just divine? Oh and here he is looking like a young Ellen, n’est-ce pas?:

Also, the more I stare at him (yeah, I’m creepin’), I realize he also kind of looks like my girlfriend. Like, they have the same eyes, and kind of similar mouths. Aaannnd they’re both white and like button-up shirts and blazers. I mean, I’m basically dating him.

This reminds me of when I found that website men who look like old lesbians and got lost in it for hours.


One thought on “Oh Boy.

  1. ma hahaha that website is so fucking genius. missing you and your genius! hope your life is full of glitter,

    D (C? D? No one knows.)

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