V Day…Fuck Yeah!

WOW! So, my visitor count has gone up pretty significantly since Thursday night, which probably means that YOU CAME TO THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES AND READ ABOUT THIS BLOG IN MY BIO!

Thank you, thank you. Gosh! I feel so honored. So loved ❤

What an amazing show! I’d heard everyone’s monologues in rehearsal for a few months but was never moved by them as much as I was during the actual performance. Something about that “performance energy” really brought out some deep-rooted emotions and feelings. I cried y’all. Little baby tears that I hoped the audience couldn’t see.

The Vagina Monologues has been on my “Perform in this show before I die” list for quite a while. And this year was perfect timing…at the height of my realization of how much I really do love women, and vaginas, and feminism, and activism.

I’ve heard tale the we raised about $5000 for this amazing organization through ticket sales and our silent auction. I’m so down with that.

You know what was almost better than the actual show?
The After Party at Red Star!

DJ Bird and DJ Gold Machete kept yelling “YEAH VAGINA!” in their microphone and dedicating songs to the cast (they actually DJ at Red Star every Thursday night and it’s always super fun, and they have this great following of  hipster/psuedo-lesbian chicks so shit can get pretty interesting).

There was so much love!
So much girl-on-girl dancing/touching/kissing/flirting!
It made me soooo happy!! I fucking love being a lesbian and sharing it with the world.
I love vagina.
I love you!

The Vagina Warriors



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