Lovin on lady love.

The other night at work, I helped a co-worker run food to one of her tables. I’m setting down a plate of tomato basil shrimp linguine in front of this chick and notice that she’s sitting mighty close to the chick next to her. As a matter of fact, her arm is draped over the other woman’s shoulder.


I look around at the rest of the table and realize that they are all  homos! Middle aged guys and girls! And being very comfortably affectionate with their significant others! I’m pretty sure I just stood and stared with a ridiculous smirk on my face for a second too long, but I just couldn’t help it. Seeing them all made me so haaapppppyyyyy! 

Do you get that way when you see other gay couples acting like gay couples in public? My girlfriend says this of seeing other openly-lesbian couples: “It’s like seeing an albino squirrel! You’re like omg…they do exist!”

My co-worker told me that her homo-table said they loved coming to our restaurant because they always felt comfortable eating there: no one judges them or looks at them like they’re weird when they come in. I was pretty jealous that I wasn’t waiting on them myself. I always feel this really sweet, lovely connection when I wait on other gays, like we give each other these eyes that say  “yeah, you’re family. I’m gonna treat you right”.

I also found this tumblr today called Adorable Lesbian Couples and spent like 2 hours being excited at how cute and sweet girls are when they love each other. Maybe I’m biased, but I think girl-on-girl love is the sweetest love in the world.

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