Some of my end of the week thoughts.

I have so much to say about my spring break (I went to a lesbian museum!!) but I haven’t had much time to blog because I’ve been  working on a performance that I’m in this weekend. It’s called Pink and it celebrates women and femininity and the fight against breast cancer. You should coooome!


It’s so perfect…a few months ago a did a performance about Vaginas, and now I’m doing one about Boobs! 

This week I did this pretty bad ass powerpoint presentation about the word Mademoiselle, and how the French are thinking about deleting it from their vocabulary. My initial thoughts on this? Noooo + sad face. But that’s only because I think it’s a pretty word, I think it rolls of the tongue so nicely, and it makes me think of being sexy and charming and dancing on a bear skin rug drinking wine while wearing lots of cat eye makeup and laughing seductively (is that what all silly American girls think of interesting French girls?) Turns out, French feminists groups have been trying to eradicate the word for a looong time now, and it’s one of the first steps in making the French culture a less male-dominated, patriarchal one. Read up on it. 

I heard that House Bill 407 (Baton Rouge’s anti-bullying bill proposed by Rep. Pat Smith) failed, a la last year’s HB 112. I don’t want to say anything else about this except I am really concerned for the future of humanity.

I got an email from someone saying that she enjoyed my blog (Thanks!) and that I should know about the Unite Against the War on Women rally downtown on April 28, 2012. Yes Please! One of the organizers of the rally is my gf’s WGS teacher so I’m gonna do a mini-interview with her this weekend and get more details. Just know that you need to be free on Saturday April 28 to defend your womanhood!!

This video is cute:

This chick was one of the first bloggers I ever started following, and then I realized how annoying I think fashion is BUT she started this magazine for teen girls in the vein of SASSY and her young feminist point of view gives me hope for our future. 

This is getting long. Lezzie museum stories, War on Women Rally info, and gender neutral spoons coming at you in the near future (yes, gender neutral spoons…)


One thought on “Some of my end of the week thoughts.

  1. We will drink wine and wear cat-eyes and have silly pets only every day for the rest of our lives. ❤ you.

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