What to expect at the Unite Against the War on Women Rally THIS SATURDAY

I said: Mrs. Baggett, I would love for you to explain to me/my blog readers what to expect in layman terms, like for someone who’s never been to a rally and who might be nervous or hesitant to go…
So she said: Basically, Unite Women is a women’s rights organization.  We formed in the past two months over all the anti-woman legislation that is being passed (mandated transvaginal ultrasounds, debates over not renewing the Violence Against Women Act, repeal of Equal Pay for Women Acts, etc.).
The rally is our debut.  It will feature speakers on various women’s issues.  There will be live music and a dj.  We will have informational tables on voter registration, programs to help women, t-shirt sale, and free items (pens, brochures, and male and female condoms).
The Clothesline Project will also be on display; the Clothesline Project is a project that allows survivors of gender based violence to decorate a t-shirt that expresses their emotions and brings awareness to the prevalence of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and other forms of gender based violence.
Lastly, this event will provide the opportunity for individuals to have their voices heard (if they choose) because at the end there will be an open mic for men/women to speak about their experiences and what they want to change.
Some people will have signs, and some people will purchase Unite Women t-shirts.  But, the rally is easy going, and everyone is welcome to attend as they are and enjoy the music and the speakers.  We want people who come to leave feeling empowered and hopeful about change.
11 AM
222 St. Louis Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802
City Hall Park Plaza behind City Hall in Baton Rouge across from the Old Capitol, off of South River Road facing the river.
MAP LINK ON GOOGLE: http://g.co/maps/hcn66
And then, of course, there are some links for you to check out:

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