Rules of Breaking Up Part 2

There is a large possibility that once you have:

  •  finally come to terms with the fact that you and your lover are no more…
  • declared the end of your relationship to all your friends, family, co-workers, blog readers, etc…
  • begun destroying/hiding everything that could and would remind you of your “ex”…

The two of you will realize that you made a mistake and you will get back together. You will talk for hours/days about what you each did wrong. You will promise to try to never do those things again. You will work out a plan of action for the next time you encounter a difficult situation. You will realize that girls are indeed sort of crazy at least once a month and that maybe sometimes instead of breaking up, you should just leave each other alone for a day or two or three. Also, you will realize that you shouldn’t believe that you’re really broken up until an entire week — 7 whole days– has gone by because girls are really indecisive.

She will send you an email with this video  saying “Look! I found us in kitten form! You’re the sleepy one…” and it will make you feel warm and giggly inside, but you will feel silly for writing an entire blog post on how to be broken up. You will consider deleting said “break up” post (especially when your once ex- now current girlfriend comments “dislike” on it) but remember that maybe it will help someone else (or, heaven forbid, yourself again) in the future.



4 thoughts on “Rules of Breaking Up Part 2

  1. So my first ever girlfriend just left me to go back with her ex. She says she will always love me but to stop calling/texting and give them a chance. Should I wait 7 days per your post or try to start getting over her now?

    1. Do what she asks and don’t text or call her for a while. That’s SUPER FREAKING HARD but respect her requests because if you don’t, she may get aggravated or pissed off at you. Also, giving her that space may make her realize how much she misses you, which is always a good thing!
      Instead of looking at this time as “getting over her” try looking at it as time to focus on yourself…stay distracted with other things and people you love. If you stay focused on the present moment and on your happiness, something good will come out of the situation, whether it be your ex with an “I’m sorry, I made a mistake” type confession OR someone else to start another beautiful relationship with.
      Did you read Rules for Breaking Up Pt.1? That might help also. Good luck!!

  2. I ended up getting back with my girlfriend after a two month “leave of absence.” I have a theory that lesbians NEVER break up only once! At least it was for long enough the second time for me to get over it and do my own thing for a while, I learned that I can have a lot of fun being single AND that I probably make much better choices when I have a better half to think about.

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