I came out today….all over again.

Happy Sunday y’all. Here’s a funny story:

Not 10 minutes after walking into the LSU Union for BR PRIDE fest yesterday, I was approached by someone from the Advocate and asked for a quick interview. The results of which you can find in today’s issue of the Advocate, in the South Louisiana section, in an article titled “Finding Acceptance at Pride Fest”.

Or just click here.

I woke up this morning to the lovely voice of my little grandmother (the one I live with, who I never came out to) asking me about my plans for the day, telling me about hers, then giving me a hug and saying “I read your article in the paper. From Pride. About you coming out three years ago. I’ve always known babygirl. Mawmaws have a sixth sense about that sort of thing.” to which I responded “Aw, and you still love me?” And she very sweetly  said “OF COURSE” then told me to have a good day and started talking to her dog.

Like, NBD.
I just accidentally came out to my grandma and she didn’t even care.
She didn’t want an explanation or have any questions.
She wasn’t even mad that I hadn’t straight out told her before.

My mom called me a couple hours later and told me that the two of them had spoken on the phone about me and the article and my grandma said the most amazing thing a girl could ever ask her family to say:
“I’m sure some of my older friends will read the article and think or say ugly things. But I don’t give a shit. We’re just people being people over here. They all have skeletons in their family closets that they won’t talk about, at least we’re being honest about ours.”


I wish I would hear more stories of kids coming out to their families without a lot of heartbreak and disappointment.


I know I said in a previous post that the festival was just okay, but it was pretty fun this year. In general, I feel the crowd was a lot younger this year than last year, and more lively. To sum it up in a few words: there are more companies than you think in BR who have your (gay) rights in mind, there are more churches than you realize in BR who will accept you into their congregation, there are more gay girls in this city than you realize (they just don’t go out all the time), my relationship is now blessed, and drag queens love my girlfriend.

And as far as the article goes, I would just like to point out that it is awkwardly written and my words got a little twisted but I definitely did say “these are my people…they get me” and I’m proud of that.

Also, if you read the article online and look through the pictures, there are TWO GIRLS photographed who (obviously) identify as lesbians WHO WENT TO MY HIGH SCHOOL which further proves my theory that the former Bishop Sullivan, now known as St. Michael’s, is a breeding ground for lezzers. 


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