Hurricane Isaac turned my house into a Dyke Den…

Two inter-racial, lesbian couples. The four of us took over the kitchen baking brownies, making pizza and pastalaya, playing Scattergories and Taboo and giving ourselves homo-centric team names. The conversations that my grandparents must have overheard…OMG. My grandpa walked in and said “Look at this room full of…” and changed the subject. We all knew he wanted to end that sentence with “lesbians”.

Just looking at Adorable Lesbian Couples and wondering how so many of these girls get into long distance relationships (LDRs, as they frequently call them)? I could barely meet girls I hit it off with in my own city when I was single, how are they finding them hundreds of miles away?!

But more puzzling is how they handle being so far away from each other all the time. Over the past year, 8 consecutive days has been the longest my gf and I have spent apart from each other, and by day 4 I felt like an emphysemic away from my oxygen tank when I went to sleep at night without her.

I feel like this is a thing among lesbians. (and surely there are hetero couples who feel it too, but in my experience, they’re few and far between. They seem to relish their time away from their partners.) Even if you think you need space away from each other (you know, to feel autonomous or whatever) when you are granted that space, you drive yourself crazy wondering if your girlfriend is enjoying her space or missing you as much as you miss her. Oh the fuckery!

I guess it’s one of the many situations my has-bian friends have in mind when they say “lesbian relationships are just too emotional for me.”

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