I’m over my girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

My girlfriend once told me that she likes to pretend that I’ve never dated anyone before her…that she is my first everything. Which is really cute and sweet and probably easy to do because pretty much all of my exes live in different states now.

But I can’t do that with her because her ex lives here and is every.where.i.go.

We have a class together this semester and she’s always early and she always sits in the front row so that no matter where I sit I’m always forced to sit behind her.
And see her profile every time she turns to the side to dig through her booksack. 
And notice her hair every time she fixes it or plays with it, which happens a lot.
And hear her voice every time she makes a comment or asks a question, which also happens a lot.
The profile that my girlfriend used to wake up to.
The hair that my girlfriend used to run her fingers through.
The voice that used to tell my girlfriend “I love you.”

UGH. It drives me fucking nuts.




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