Y’all remember the post I wrote, I’m Over My Girlfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend?

The original reason I wrote it was to discuss the mild discomfort I have over this girl’s presence in our lives. I think my feelings are valid though, right? I mean, your girlfriend being friends with her ex-girlfriend is an awkward situation! I’m just constantly thinking “there are things about my gf that I know that she knows too” and it freaks me out.

Anyway, there were things that I omitted from that post because I didn’t want to sound like an asshole, but today they seem kind of funny. Like how I got really annoyed that time the ex text messaged my girlfriend at 7 am to say “Hey, I’m free all day if you want to hang out”. Which makes me think she woke up with my girlfriend on her mind (7 am is early y’all) but also, it was a giant reminder that she knows my girlfriend well enough to know that she would be awake and running around that early in the morning.

WAIT WAIT HERE’S THE FUNNY PART: The ex-girlfriend found out about the post through her roommate’s mom’s cousin or some 6-degrees-of-separation situation like that (hey, by the way, thanks for reading my blog!)  and she called my girlfriend to tell her about it! Therefore proving my point that she is impossible to escape.

The end.


2 thoughts on “Busted

  1. How truly beautiful it can be to collect and bask in more love, even if that love is experienced as a friend rather than a partner, and be happy for others, for your partner having that love too. How much better is it to love someone for who they are, to create more love, than to cut them off – cut love off – wish someone didn’t have it.

    How lovely it is to be at a place where one is so secure with themselves and their partner, that they don’t have to worry about things like a 7 a.m. text message, that they have no discomfort running into their partners ex because they appreciate what their partner had with that person and their secure in themselves and in the relationship they have now – rather than jealous, vindictive, scared.

    Despite the name of your previous post, it’s over you are far from “Over [Your] Girlfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend.” I hope you are able to work though this soon.

    1. What a beautiful comment, and great perspective that I wasn’t able to realize myself because I was blinded by my initial emotions. I fully agree that this world needs more love and my girlfriend especially deserves love from every corner of the earth because she is amazing. I guess I have to admit that if she were my ex, I would still try to make her a part of my life too. Thanks for your words!

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